This is the longest gap we’ve had between posts on Motown Junkies since we started, and I thank you for your patience. Part of the delay is that I’ve got a lot to say about the next entry (really!), and it’s made me want to commit to something I’ve been mulling over for a while.

Quick question: who would be interested in buying an expanded, extended version of the first part of this blog in the form of a book? (A physical paperback and/or an ebook).

What I’m looking at is an unofficial track by track history of the life and times of Motown, with rewritten single reviews joined by brief coverage of albums and some new essays on the wider social-historical topics (as related to the Motown story) that have been touched on in individual reviews.

If the response is good I’m looking to put together a Kickstarter to cover the production costs of the paperbacks, but I’d like to know if people would be interested first…

Please rest assured that the blog will continue whatever happens, and that there are a lot of entries in the pipeline very soon.

Thanks for reading!

Steve (aka The Nixon Administration)