Blakely, Cornell

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South Carolina blues man “Bouncing” Cornell Blakely is one of the least-known names in the Motown story. A veteran recording artist by the time he and Motown eventually crossed paths, he recorded just one Motown single, and even that’s a contentious story – it involves Motown stepping in and helping to set up a fictitious continuation of the defunct Tennessee-based Rich Records label, in order to issue some recordings Rich had commissioned from Motown, using Motown’s facilities, writers and producers.

The result was a curious single, the excellent I’ve Got That Feeling, being both Motown and not Motown; it wasn’t included on the Complete Motown Singles series, and to my knowledge no clean copy exists, all available versions being bootlegged from a very scratchy vinyl source.

Following his brief interaction with the Motown story, Cornell Blakely returned to his home town of Greenville, South Carolina, where he was owner/operator of radio station WKMG 1520AM in nearby Newberry. He left a number of comments here on Motown Junkies before passing away in 2013 at the age of 85.

Review Archive: Cornell BLAKELY (1963)

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  1. I’ve Got That Feeling
  2. I Want My Share

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