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White Florida rock ‘n’ roll group the Headliners represent an early attempt by Berry Gordy to widen Motown’s musical palette; the group, a self-contained unit who used their own musicians rather than Motown’s house band, cut two singles at Motown in the hopes of challenging for airtime on white radio in the context of the British Invasion in 1964-5. Apparently signed after blowing Gordy away with their explosive, versatile live show, their recorded Motown output doesn’t quite match up to the legend, so perhaps they were a great live band who couldn’t quite make the transition to the studio. The group left Motown in 1965 after failing to find a national audience.

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  1. New Kent CD “Satisfaction Guaranteed Motown Guys 1961-69” includes the Headliners’ previously unreleased track “Only On the Weekend” which is much stronger than either of their singles.


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