Breen, Bobby

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White crooner and one-time child movie star Bobby Breen – a top box-office draw in the 1930s for RKO – was in his late thirties by the time he arrived at Motown in 1963, very firmly marked “washed up”: he’d made his last film at 14, and he’d appeared on the TV show The Comeback Story to talk about how hard he was finding it to get work in 1953, ten long, lean years previously. Bobby’s short stay at Hitsville did little to revive his flagging fortunes, and he left the company – and eventually, the music industry – after just two singles had been released. He later appeared on the cover of the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Review Archive: Bobby BREEN (1964)

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1 thought on “Breen, Bobby”

  1. Bobby Breen died 19 September, 2016, aged 87.


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