Burnette, Dorsey

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A genuine rockabilly legend, Dorsey Burnette was part of Motown’s brief early-Sixties dabble in the Country & Western scene via its little-remembered Mel-o-dy Records imprint. My knowledge of this scene is shaky at best, but it appears Motown pulled off something of a coup in luring Burnette to the company; he was the only Mel-o-dy Records country act to have any more Motown releases scheduled after the country label was shut down. He recorded four singles for Motown between 1964 and 1965 before leaving for Mercury, but returned to Motown in 1975 when the new Melodyland/Hitsville country subsidiary was established. He passed away in 1979.

Review Archive: Dorsey BURNETTE (1964-65)

We have 8 reviews for Dorsey Burnette currently available here on Motown Junkies – see our archive for more details, or click a link below:

  1. Little Acorn
  2. Cold As Usual
  3. Jimmy Brown
  4. Everybody’s Angel
  5. Ever Since The World Began
  6. Long, Long Time Ago
  7. Why Break My Heart (Just To Run Around)
  8. They’re Only Words

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