Crockett, Howard

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Howard Hausey, who recorded as Howard Crockett, was the most important figure in Motown’s early-Sixties foray into the country and western market. A singer-songwriter from Louisiana who’d penned Johnny Horton’s hit Honky Tonk Man, Crockett was nearing 40 when he joined Motown, but he released more singles on the Mel-o-dy Records subsidiary than anyone else, and also wrote a whole lot more songs for other country artists on the label.

With his voice and songwriting style both strongly reminiscent of Johnny Cash, Crockett persevered without success for two years, recording five unsuccessful singles in Dallas and Nashville before Motown finally pulled the plug on the country experiment and left the C&W market for ten years. Crockett recorded several singles and albums for other labels throughout the 1970s and 1980s, before passing away in 1994.

Review Archive: Howard CROCKETT (1963-65)

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  1. The Big Wheel
  2. That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine
  3. Bringing In The Gold
  4. I’ve Been A Long Time Leaving
  5. My Lil’s Run Off
  6. Spanish Lace And Memories
  7. Put Me In Your Pocket
  8. The Miles
  9. All The Good Times Are Gone
  10. The Great Titanic

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