Paul, Bunny

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Detroit-born cabaret singer Bunny Paul (that seems to have been her birth name) was the latest in a long succession of white Motown signings brought in to broaden the label’s crossover appeal in 1963/4 and then jettisoned when no hit records were forthcoming; she wasn’t the first, and she certainly wouldn’t be the last. Miss Paul was almost 40 by the time she pitched up at Hitsville, a 20-year music industry veteran with a crateful of singles to her name – some of them regional hits for some surprisingly big labels (by way of example, Youtube offers Honey Love for Essex in 1954, Please Have Mercy for Capitol, no less, in 1955, and Buzz Me for Brunswick in 1957 – check out the cut-and-paste telephone sample on that last one!). Severe ill health, requiring brain surgery and a lengthy hospital stay, had curtailed her career at the turn of the decade, and while she was able to fit in a one-shot session in January of 1963, which yielded the two sides of her one and only Motown single release, she still wasn’t well enough to return to Motown to record any more material, thus stopping her potentially building a successful second career.

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