Mallett, Saundra

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Singer Saundra Mallett (Edwards) was yet another of Motown’s early-Sixties signings where the company didn’t know what to do with her; thankfully, her Motown story had a happier direction than most, as the label eventually found the right role for her.

Saundra originally came to Motown in 1962 as a solo act, but despite making several solo recordings, her one and only single release was as the temporary lead singer of an early version of the Vandellas. Visits to the Hitsville studio were infrequent after that, but she remained signed to the company through two and a half years of no releases until Motown paired her with another long-serving struggling artist, the Downbeats – the merger of the two acts resulted in the group the Elgins, one of the more respected mid-Sixties Motown groups.

After the Elgins split in 1967, Saundra effectively left the music business; when a re-issue of an old Elgins Motown single unexpectedly hit the top 3 in Britain in 1971, she was offered the chance to join the reformed group for touring and TV commitments, but turned down the opportunity. Saundra did return sporadically to recording over the course of the following 30 years, before passing away in 2002.

Review Archive: Saundra MALLETT (2 items)

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7 thoughts on “Mallett, Saundra”

  1. if she only knew how much joy she gave me then and now


  2. She had a captivating voice. How old was Saundra when she passed away?


  3. beautiful lady died too young.I wonder what her real life story was.Such a presence and such a voice.


  4. When she says “Darling Baby” in the intro…everybody says “YESSSS”! A true jam is playing! Brings back so many memories! A true Motown gem; performed by a stellar group, the Elgins, and an amazing lead vocalist, Saundra Mallett.


  5. What a fantastic voice she had. The Elgins were so underrated


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