Channel, Bruce

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Bruce McMeans, who recorded as Bruce Channel (pronounced Chanel, like the couturier) had scored an international hit with Hey! Baby in 1962, but found subsequent success hard to come by; he arrived at Motown in 1964 hoping to shake off the “one-hit wonder” tag, writing as well as performing, but after Bruce found himself assigned to the country-focussed Mel-o-dy Records label, his career never received the anticipated boost. Bruce left Motown when Mel-o-dy Records was shuttered.

Review Archive: Bruce CHANNEL (1964)

We have 4 reviews for Bruce Channel currently available here on Motown Junkies – see our archive for more details, or click a link below:

  1. Satisfied Mind
  2. That’s What’s Happenin’
  3. You Make Me Happy
  4. You Never Looked Better

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