Heard, Oma

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Vocalist Oma Heard – also known by her married name, Oma Drake – had two short stints at Motown in the 1960s, several years apart, and in 1964 she was a candidate – albeit an outside bet – to take over the plum role of Marvin Gaye‘s duet partner in the wake of Mary Wells‘ departure. But Oma missed her date with stardom; her one and only solo Motown single ended up a much-demanded rarity on the Northern Soul and collector circuits, and she suffered the indignity of being mis-identified as “Oma Page” (another, different sometime Motown singer, the wife of Billy Page) when her demo Marvin duets were finally released at the start of the 1990s. She later returned to Motown (via the third-party Chisa label) as part of the equally obscure girl group Dorothy, Oma & Zelpha.

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