Gaye, Marvin

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Session drummer turned pin-up teen heartthrob turned socially-conscious soul poet turned voice of a generation, Marvin Gaye stands as probably Motown’s greatest male solo artist.

His Motown career falls into three distinct phases, all of them phenomenally successful on both a commercial and artistic level. His early- to mid-Sixties singles blended R&B, pop and rock influences to dominate dancefloors and land numerous big chart hits; his landmark late-Sixties singles (and his duets with Tammi Terrell) conquered the radio all over the world; and his Seventies Motown LPs, in particular What’s Going On and Let’s Get It On, routinely hailed as among the best albums of all time. As well as a great singer, Marvin also proved himself a superb writer, both for himself and for others, his relationship with the group the Originals showing another facet of his work.

With sales slumping in the late 1970s, Marvin eventually left Motown to start afresh, and experienced a brief career revival before his murder (at the hands of his own father) in 1984.

Review Archive: Marvin GAYE (1961-65)

We have 36 reviews for Marvin Gaye (solo and with duet partners) currently available here on Motown Junkies – see our archive for more details, or click a link below:

  1. (I’m Afraid) The Masquerade Is Over (as “Marvin Gay”)
  2. Witchcraft (as “Marvin Gay”)
  3. Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide
  4. Never Let You Go (Sha Lu Bop)
  5. Mr Sandman
  6. I’m Yours, You’re Mine
  7. Soldier’s Plea
  8. Taking My Time
  9. Stubborn Kind Of Fellow
  10. It Hurt Me Too
  11. Hitch Hike
  12. Hello There Angel
  13. Pride And Joy
  14. One Of These Days
  15. Can I Get A Witness
  16. I’m Crazy ‘Bout My Baby
  17. You’re A Wonderful One
  18. When I’m Alone, I Cry
  19. Once Upon A Time (with Mary Wells)
  20. What’s The Matter With You Baby (with Mary Wells)
  21. Try It Baby
  22. If My Heart Could Sing
  23. Baby Don’t You Do It
  24. Walk On The Wild Side
  25. What Good Am I Without You (with Kim Weston)
  26. I Want You Round (with Kim Weston)
  27. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
  28. Forever
  29. This Is The Life
  30. My Way
  31. I’ll Be Doggone
  32. You’ve Been A Long Time Coming
  33. Pretty Little Baby
  34. Now That You’ve Won Me
  35. Ain’t That Peculiar
  36. She’s Got To Be Real

1 thought on “Gaye, Marvin”

  1. Robert Pietrowsky said:

    There is a Version of “Yesterday” that Marvin does that is simply outstanding. I have it on the Marvin Gaye box set . With the relationship and drug problems that Marvin suffered thru , it is like the song was written for HIM. And boy does he deliver , the soulfulness and pain comes thru in aces ! Bob


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