Long, Shorty

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Frederick Earl “Shorty” Long (so named because he was 5ft 1 inch tall), universally called “Bad Shorty”, was the loose cannon of the later Motown canon: hard to pin down, a guy who recorded pretty much whatever he wanted to record. One of only a handful of Motown artists granted the privilege of writing, recording and producing their own material, Shorty came to Motown as part of a job lot when Harvey Fuqua’s Tri-Phi/Harvey labels were folded into the empire. He quickly found work compering at Motortown Revue live shows and carved out a niche recording his own brand of raucous blues-jazz-rock-R&B-boogie-woogie music, a sound quite unlike anyone else at Motown.

Much-loved, he even managed to score a couple of significant chart hits, but was probably too eclectic to win a mainstream audience. He was killed in 1969 in a boating accident on the Detroit River.

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