Griffin, Herman

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An energetic R&B-blues singer and dancer, Herman Griffin had two Motown singles to his name, but he is best remembered today as the sometime husband of Mary Wells; many accounts point the finger at Griffin for encouraging his young wife to walk out on Motown at the height of her success.

Herman had cut an early Berry Gordy number for the HOB (House of Beauty) label in 1958, and that connection brought him to Motown two years later, most prominently as concert music director for Mary Wells, but his volatile personality and repeated attempts to gee up the crowd at live shows with acrobatic dance moves (perceived, rightly or wrongly, as Griffin attempting to steal the limelight) meant his stay was a relatively short one. He recorded for a string of smaller labels throughout the 1960s and 1970s, passing away in 1989.

Review Archive: Herman GRIFFIN (1960-62)

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  4. Uptight

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