Johnson, Marv

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Teenage Detroit singer Marv Johnson had the honour of being Motown’s foundation stone in more ways than one; not only did Marv cut the brand-new label’s very first record, Come To Me, back in January 1959, his contract was then sold to United Artists (along with that of labelmate and fellow Jackie Wilson soundalike Eddie Holland), providing Motown with financial stability for those first shaky months.

Marv had several big-charting records on UA, but by the mid-Sixties the hits had dried up, and he returned to Motown. His attitude during the years of success had won him few friends among Motown’s top brass and so he had to start again from the bottom, but he quickly proved himself to still be a capable singer and writer, and enjoyed several more hit records during his second spell with the label (especially in the UK). Marv Johnson passed away in 1993.

Review Archive: Marv JOHNSON (4 items)

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  2. Whisper
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  4. I’m Not A Plaything

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