Van Dyke, Connie

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One of a bewildering array of “one-and-done” white Motown acts in the early Sixties, Connie Van Dyke was a model and actress first, and a singer second; winner of a nationwide beauty contest organised by Teen Magazine (and titled “Miss Teen USA”, though the title has no connection with today’s event of the same name), she signed with Motown in 1962, being paired with Smokey Robinson, the label’s most consistent hitmaker writer-producer of the time.

Things didn’t quite pan out. Van Dyke managed a handful of recording sessions in the summer of 1962 before her anxious mother apparently pulled the plug; Gordy didn’t put up a fuss, and young Connie’s contract was promptly terminated, her Motown recording career lasting a little over three weeks. Two of the recordings eventually slunk out as a Motown single in early 1963.

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