Crawford, Carolyn

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Teenage singer Carolyn Crawford arrived at Motown in 1963 aged 13 via a tie-in talent competition run by Tip Top Bread, the winner of which would get some prizes including a Motown audition. But she was no modern-day reality show contestant; despite her tender years Carolyn was an accomplished songwriter and pianist, with a stack of original compositions under her belt, one of which became her Motown début single. With Carolyn unable to record any material until her 14th birthday due to family objections, Berry Gordy had a limo pick her up at midnight on the big day to ferry her and her chaperone over to Hitsville.

Carolyn remained with the company for a year, but after falling short in another contest – this time, the battle to replace her idol Mary Wells both as Marvin Gaye’s duet partner and as the company’s top female solo act – Miss Crawford and her family declined to continue with the label. She sat out her contract until 1967, after which she relocated to Philadelphia and recorded sporadically through the 1970s.

Review Archive: Carolyn CRAWFORD (1963-64)

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  1. Forget About Me
  2. Devil In His Heart
  3. My Smile Is Just A Frown (Turned Upside Down)
  4. I’ll Come Running
  5. When Someone’s Good To You
  6. My Heart

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  1. Marisol Mcmahon said:

    Hey… What about Carolyn’s record, Until You Came Along?


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