Dozier, Lamont

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Frizzy-haired baby-faced genius Lamont Dozier arrived at Hitsville as a performer in 1962, having cut a couple of novelty sides for Gwen Gordy’s Anna Records label in the early Sixties, but his Motown singing career petered out after one flop single.

Dozier quickly struck up a partnership with Brian Holland and learned the ropes producing and writing minor hits for several lesser-known Motown acts. In 1963, the team was completed with the arrival of Brian’s brother Eddie Holland as lyricist, and the trio went on to become Motown’s biggest hitmakers.

After leaving Motown with the Holland brothers at the end of 1967, Lamont resumed his performing career, initially as part of the duo Holland-Dozier (with Brian Holland) and then later as a solo singer-songwriter, releasing several fine albums in the 70s and 80s.

Review Archive: Lamont DOZIER (1962-63)

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  1. Dearest One
  2. Fortune Teller (Tell Me)
  3. What Goes Up, Must Come Down (as part of Holland-Dozier

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