Hartfield, Pete

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Flint, MI-based singer-songwriter Pete Hartfield can possibly lay claim to the title of most obscure artist ever to record for Motown; biographical details are sketchy for his time both before and after arriving at Hitsville, though a singer by the same name had been known on the club circuit since the early Fifties. Pete had only one Motown 7″ outing, in 1961, but that one self-penned single showed plenty of promise. Hartfield was no great shakes as a songwriter, but he was a strong vocalist and his voice could easily have carried him to fame in Motown’s later Golden Age. Instead, history seems to have lost track of him; his only other notable contribution to the music industry seems to have been another one-off single (Mighty Man, on Baby Records), which features Hartfield sustaining a high note for an unbelievable twenty seconds. If anyone has any further information on what became of Pete, please let us know in the comments section!

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