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The Spinners – known in the UK as the Detroit Spinners, or the Motown Spinners – were a remarkable vocal group, one of the most accomplished of Motown’s “second tier” of great acts just below the level of outright superstardom. Driven initially by the wonderful lead vocals of Bobby (or Bobbie) Smith, one of the most underrated of all Motown lead singers, the Spinners arrived at Motown as part of the buy-out of Harvey Fuqua’s Harvey/Tri-Phi empire.

Despite their obvious quality, they struggled for both hits and attention in a crowded Motown marketplace, and eventually the group ended up leaving Motown in 1972 to move to Atlantic (supposedly at the urging of Aretha Franklin herself); with Philippé Wynne now installed on lead vocals, and a supportive label behind them, they immediately started having the chart hits they’d always deserved. A version of the group is still touring today.

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2 thoughts on “Spinners”

  1. Let’s not revise history: Bobby Smith CONTINUED to be the PRINCIPAL lead singer of the Spinners, even after Wynne arrived, and he CONTINUED to sing lead on The Spinners’ BIGGEST HITS on Atlantic…Phillippe or no Phillippe . Wynne’s arrival was NOT the factor that changed The Spinners’ fortunes, because their first two million-selling records at Atlantic Records , ‘I’ll Be Around”, and “Could It Be I’m Falling In Love”, were BOTH led by BOBBY. It was THOM BELL in the producer’s chair , and BOBBY SMITH on lead vocals , that propelled the Spinners into the “A” list of R&B and Pop stars. The Spinners’ FOURTH Million-Seller , the #1 Smash, “Then Came You” was ALSO led by BOBBY, in a duet with Dionne Warwick, and their FIFTH Million-Seller “Games People Play” was ALSO led by BOBBY ….not Wynne.
    Wynne onlt sang lead on TWO Million-Sellers with The Spinners: “One Of A Kind (Love Affair) and “Rubberband Man” . But it was BOBBY’S first two Atlantic Hits with the group ,, ‘I’ll Be Around”, and “Could It Be I’m Falling In Love” that established the Spinners as stars. BOBBY also led on the Spinners’ very FIRST hit, in 1961, “That’s What Girls Are Made For”, over a DECADE before Wynne even GOT there !!. BOBBY also led on the Spinners’ mid Sixties Motown hits, “Truly Yours”, and “I’ll Always Love You.”
    So, It was NOT Wynne, but Bell and Smith that took the Spinners over the TOP.
    He just seems to get most of the credit due to his flashier performance style.
    But BOBBY SMITH is the better dancer…plus he is Group Spokesman and Choreographer…so HOW did Wynne make the difference ?




    (who is also Group Spokesman…notice how the entire group defers to BOBBY when asked a question by Don Cornelius !!)

    Who does the last surviving Original Spinner , HENRY FAMBROUGH ,say that the Spinners’ main lead singer was ?
    (Move the cursor to 31:30)


  2. Terre Lauseng said:

    I met John Edward’s in the mid 80s very nice guy I was a bartender at the Double Eagle in Romulus MI. Would just like to wish him the very best and thank u for the great memories


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