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One of the most underrated of the “second tier” groups signed to Motown in the mid-Sixties, the Elgins were formed in 1965 by the merger of two long-term Motown signings who’d struggled for attention and releases, male vocal combo the Downbeats and singer Saundra Mallett Edwards.

The newly-configured group was an immediate success; adopting the name Elgins, after the prestigious watch company (a name originally wanted by the Temptations!), they recorded several highly-regarded singles and an album, Darling Baby, released in 1966. The group notched some low-level chart hits but still suffered from a lack of promotional push and attention from Motown, despite the efforts of the Holland-Dozier-Holland songwriting and production team (recruited into their corner because one of the Elgins was Brian Holland’s barber!).

The Elgins eventually broke up in 1967, but reformed in 1971 (with another new singer, Yvonne Vernee Allen) when one of their old Motown singles unexpectedly cracked the Top 3 in Britain.

Review Archive: The ELGINS (1962-65)

We have 8 reviews for the Elgins (including the various acts who went on to form the group) currently available here on Motown Junkies – see our archive for more details, or click a link below:

  1. Your Baby’s Back (The Downbeats)
  2. Request Of A Fool (The Downbeats)
  3. Camel Walk (Saundra Mallett & the Vandellas)
  4. It’s Gonna Be Hard Times (Saundra Mallett & the Vandellas)
  5. Do You Know What I’m Talkin’ About (The Downbeats)
  6. You Say You Love Me (The Downbeats)
  7. Put Yourself In My Place
  8. Darling Baby

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    Great great group!


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