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The first act to have a Number One single for Motown, the Marvelettes were one of the label’s big-ticket acts throughout the Sixties.

A group of callow suburban high-school girls who’d come to Motown via a talent show, they were perhaps unlucky in that they peaked at the start; Please Mr Postman, which sold a million copies and rocketed the unknown group to the top of the charts, was a hard act to follow. Nonetheless, the group gradually developed their sound, Motown pairing them with producer Smokey Robinson, resulting in a series of wonderful, underrated albums and a smooth, “sophisticated soul” sound towards the end of the Sixties a long way from the shrill schoolgirl harmonies of their debut.

The group eventually disbanded in 1969, although final lead singer Wanda Young Rogers’ solo recordings in 1970-72 were labelled as Marvelettes records for marketing purposes.

Review Archive: The MARVELETTES (1961-65)

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  1. Please Mr Postman
  2. So Long Baby
  3. Twistin’ Postman
  4. I Want A Guy
  5. Playboy
  6. All The Love I’ve Got
  7. Beechwood 4-5789
  8. Someday, Someway
  9. Strange I Know
  10. Too Strong To Be Strung Along
  11. Locking Up My Heart
  12. Forever
  13. My Daddy Knows Best
  14. Tie A String Around Your Finger
  15. As Long As I know He’s Mine
  16. He Won’t Be True (Little Girl Blue)
  17. He’s A Good Guy (Yes He Is)
  18. Goddess Of Love
  19. You’re My Remedy
  20. A Little Bit Of Sympathy, A Little Bit Of Love
  21. Too Many Fish In The Sea
  22. A Need For Love
  23. I’ll Keep Holding On
  24. No Time For Tears
  25. Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead
  26. Your Cheating Ways
  27. Don’t Mess With Bill
  28. Anything You Wanna Do

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  1. Dan Nooger said:

    Just reported that Wanda Roger’s has passed away


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