Haney & Armstrong

** This is just a short biographical summary – for the full story, check out this artist’s reviews! **

White radio comedians Bert Haney and Brice Armstrong (the latter often credited as “Bruce”, but this is a mistake) had a brief dalliance with Motown’s country and western imprint Mel-o-dy Records in 1963, releasing one genuinely awful single (The Interview, a comedy skit about the Cuban missile crisis); Haney was also responsible for the almost equally horrific Christmas-themed Monster Mash knock-off (yep, you read that right) Happy Ghoul Tide, which ended up being credited to Ray Oddis (a completely different white actor briefly signed to Motown who had cut the other side of that single). Bert has been gracious enough to comment here on Motown Junkies and is an all round good chap who went on to a career in the news media; Armstrong became a respected voice artist.

Review Archive: HANEY and ARMSTRONG (3 items)

We have 3 reviews for Haney and Armstrong (in various guises) currently available here on Motown Junkies – click the link above to see our archive for more details.

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