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The first group to record for Motown were the Satintones (not the Miracles, as most people believe), a local Detroit male harmony doo-wop group who recorded six singles for the newly-founded label between 1959 and 1961. Their main creative force Chico Leverett also chipped in with a solo single, while founder member Robert Bateman struck up a songwriting partnership with Brian Holland (under the name “Brianbert”) which provided Motown with several early chart-scraping hits.

After a disastrous line-up change in 1961 which brought in some new singers but deprived them of Leverett, the “new” Satintones were unable to keep the momentum of the earlier releases, and the group melted away in the face of a resounding lack of public interest in late 1961, their place as a foundation stone in Motown history now largely forgotten.

Review Archive: The SATINTONES (11 items)

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  1. Going To The Hop
  2. Motor City
  3. My Beloved
  4. Sugar Daddy
  5. Tomorrow and Always
  6. A Love That Can Never Be
  7. Angel
  8. I Know How It Feels
  9. My Kind Of Love
  10. Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart
  11. Faded Letter

1 thought on “Satintones”

  1. Ken Fargher said:

    is the Satintones Vernon Green the same one as the Vernon Green from the Medallions??


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