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Like a few other obscure groups from the sketchily-recorded earliest days of Motown history, very little is known about the Equadors, who had one Motown single released in 1961 before apparently disappearing without trace. Attempts to work out their identities so far have come up short; there was another group called the Ecuadors recording for Argo Records at the time, including such Motown-associated names as Harvey Fuqua, Billy (Roquel) Davis and Etta James, but despite that coincidence, they don’t appear to be the same “Equadors” who actually recorded for Motown (the two groups sound nothing like each other). Their one and only Motown single was written by the equally mysterious “Rex Robertson”; circumstancial evidence links the group to the male Motown backing singers, the Love-Tones; but ultimately, the question “who were the Equadors?” looks like one that will never be definitively answered.

Review Archive: The EQUADORS (2 items)

We have 2 reviews for The Equadors currently available here on Motown Junkies – click the link above to see our archive for more details.

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