Golden Harmoneers

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One of a number of obscure gospel groups to record for Motown in the early Sixties, the Golden Harmoneers saw just one Motown single released in 1961. Almost nothing is known about the group (unfortunately not an uncommon problem with gospel choirs of the era); they are known to have shared some members with contemporary groups the Sons of Zion and the Heavenly Chandlers, the latter’s George Anderson apparently involved in the Harmoneers’ Motown recordings, but beyond that no more is known. No further material by the Golden Harmoneers has surfaced, suggesting the two sides of their single amounted to their total Motown output.

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3 thoughts on “Golden Harmoneers”

  1. Willie Anderson said:

    My dad was George Anderson lead singer with the golden harmoneers who also sang with the Sons of Zion.


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