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Always dancers first and singers second, the Contours nonetheless cut some of Motown’s best-loved hits of the early- to mid-Sixties, surviving a complete line-up change to stay relevant as Motown went from a regional power to a worldwide phenomenon. Their acrobatic stage shows and raucous, hellraising style carried over onto their early hit records, but this rough-and-ready approach – a freewheeling fun attitude popular with fans as an antidote to the more stately fare offered elsewhere on Motown’s books, and popular with the writers and musicians as a way to let off some steam – was dated by the mid-Sixties. As more and more of the original members were replaced, the group’s style gradually moderated into a much smoother upbeat soul sound in the style of the Isley Brothers.

The Contours eventually left Motown in late 1967, and fell apart soon after.

Review Archive: The CONTOURS (1961-65)

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  1. Whole Lotta Woman
  2. Come On And Be Mine
  3. The Stretch
  4. Funny
  5. Do You Love Me
  6. Move Mr Man
  7. Shake Sherrie
  8. You Better Get In Line
  9. Don’t Let Her Be Your Baby
  10. It Must Be Love
  11. Pa (I Need A Car)
  12. You Get Ugly
  13. Can You Do It
  14. I’ll Stand By You
  15. Can You Jerk Like Me
  16. That Day When She Needed Me
  17. First I Look At The Purse
  18. Searching For A Girl

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  1. Love to see Just a little Misunderstanding reviewed here.


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