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Excellent soul group the Monitors had arrived at Motown as the final line-up of the Majestics, seeing one single released under that name and preparing for a second before a legal threat forced a last-minute name change.

As the Monitors – whose driving force was once and future Temptation, singer-songwriter Richard Street – the newly-christened group immediately started having hits, and if they weren’t setting the charts on fire, their sales and reviews remained good enough to keep Motown happy for several years in the mid-Sixties; an album, Greetings! We’re the Monitors, surfaced in 1968.

There were no further Motown releases for the Monitors after 1968, and the group eventually broke apart in 1971 when Street, who had been part of one of the Detroit street groups that became the Temptations, and who had been touring with the Tempts as an understudy for the increasingly unwell Paul Williams, was invited to join the rather more famous group full-time.

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2 thoughts on “Monitors”

  1. Antony Warot said:

    was “Since l lost you girl” by the monitors ever issued on UK Tamla Motown as a 7″ single?


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