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The quintessential Motown group, the Supremes were Motown’s biggest-selling group of the 1960s, scoring 12 US Number One hits and topping charts worldwide. The group arrived at Motown in 1961 as the Primettes, under the wing of their friends the Primes (soon to become one half of the Temptations), but once they got to Hitsville they endured three difficult years without commercial success (during which time they were derided as “the no-hit Supremes”, the runts of the Motown litter). Partnered with the Holland-Dozier-Holland songwriting team in late 1963, they quickly went from strength to strength, registering an astonishing five Number One singles in a row between 1964-5. After HDH left Motown at the end of 1967, the Supremes struggled for direction (though they still managed to rack up two more chart-topping singles and plenty more mid-sized hits), and lead singer Diana Ross went solo in 1970; however, the group continued successfully for several more years with new lead singers Jean Terrell and Scherrie Payne before finally disbanding in 1977.

Review Archive: The SUPREMES (1961-65)

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  1. I Want A Guy
  2. Never Again
  3. Buttered Popcorn
  4. Who’s Lovin You
  5. Your Heart Belongs To Me
  6. (He’s) Seventeen
  7. Let Me Go The Right Way
  8. Time Changes Things
  9. My Heart Can’t Take It No More
  10. You Bring Back Memories
  11. A Breath Taking Guy
  12. (The Man With The) Rock And Roll Banjo Band
  13. When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes
  14. Standing At The Crossroads Of Love
  15. Run, Run, Run
  16. I’m Giving You Your Freedom
  17. Where Did Our Love Go
  18. He Means The world To Me
  19. Baby Love
  20. Ask Any Girl
  21. Come See About Me
  22. Always In My Heart
  23. Stop! In The Name Of Love
  24. I’m In Love Again
  25. Back in My Arms Again
  26. Whisper You Love Me Boy
  27. The Only Time I’m Happy
  28. Supremes Interview
  29. Mother Dear
  30. He Holds His Own
  31. Nothing But Heartaches
  32. Things Are Changing
  33. I Hear A Symphony
  34. Who Could Ever Doubt My Love
  35. Children’s Christmas Song
  36. Twinkle Twinkle Little Me
  37. Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine
  38. My World Is Empty Without You
  39. Everything Is Good About You

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  1. RIP Mary Wilson


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