TamlaTamla T 5501 (B), August 1959

B-side of Ich-i-bon #1

(Written by Johnny Ferro)

More decidedly un-Motown instrumental surf rock music from the first white act to appear on the label.

This is much less energetic, and rather more groovesome, than the A-side Ich-i-bon #1; it’s effectively just one steady blues-tinted groove kept up for two minutes, with a jamming twangy guitar solo over the top of it. Plus handclaps. Lots of handclaps.

In fact, this one makes a little bit more sense alongside the rest of the Motown catalogue, and it’s not completely impossible to put this alongside something like the Funk Brothers’ Snake Walk and understand they were both released by the same label. It’s still an oddity, though.

There were no more Motown singles for Nick & The Jaguars, and it would be over a year before another white act appeared on a Motown label (Debbie Dean, with Don’t Let Him Shop Around in February 1961, since you asked). Still, they remain an excellent answer for pub quiz trivia questions.



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