Mel-o-dy RecordsMel-o-dy 107 (B), March 1963

B-side of The Interview (Summit Chanted Meeting)

(Written by Barney Ales and Al Klein)

Scan kindly provided by '144man'.  All label scans come from visitor contributions - if you'd like to send me a scan I don't have, please e-mail it to me at fosse8@gmail.com!I was expecting real horrors here, perhaps a nuclear-themed continuation of the dreadful A-side The Interview (Summit Chanted Meeting) (an alleged comedy “break-in” record), but thankfully no. It appears that Motown wisely steered clear of allowing Messrs Haney or Armstrong any more valuable recording time, and instead opted to fill the B-side of their one and only Motown single with a slinky, sexy instrumental saxophone blues instead.

It’s such a blessed relief, after the sheer all-encompassing awfulness of the A-side, that it’s easy to initially overlook the weirdness of this situation. Who is this actually by? (It’s not Haney and Armstrong, surely, unless they were secretly a pair of top blues musicians moonlighting as inept comedians in their mid-forties). What’s this got to do with the topside? (Nothing, so far as I can tell). Why is it so short? (Barely one and three-quarter minutes, and it fades out.) Why did Motown think people who loved the A-side would want to hear this? (I’ve no idea; maybe Haney and Armstrong didn’t have any more material – indeed, the topside was apparently Haney’s one and only appearance on record anywhere, though Armstrong stuck around Hitsville for a while, racking up demos and getting a second (terrible) release under the name “Ray Oddis” nearly two years later – and Motown had to put something on the B-side.) Baffling.

Still, as a piece of meaningless instrumental fluff apparently intended as nothing more than space filler, it’s really rather nice. Background music, aural wallpaper, sure, but eminently listenable and – actually – rather groovy. Plus, as a restorative after the exertions of the A-side, it fits the bill quite nicely.



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